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State-of-the-Art White Cedar

We invest in the production of our products to ensure the highest quality. Our company philosophy states that we will not produce a product unless we can produce the best product, and we stand behind that.

We’re proud to offer our PreFinished Solid Color Eastern White Cedar Shingles featuring our State-of-the-Art finish!

Why is our PreFinished Solid Color Cedar Shingle Finish the Best?

  • Eastern White Cedar kiln dried shingles absorb more stain.
  • Our proprietary X-9 finishing processes apply the precise mill thickness of coatings for maximum finish performance.
  • Our high quality factory ground color bases have longer color retention than inexpensive tinted coatings.
  • Our factory finishing saves you 50% verses on site painting, and our finish looks and performs better!
  • We can custom match virtually any color.
  • Backed by two strong warranties:

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