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New-Age Technology Solves Age-Old Problems

Staining cedar shingles on-site can be a headache. Problems abound; weather delays, wet shingles, shrink lines, lap marks, staining mess to clean up, and shingles with peeling problems.

The Most Convenient Shingle System Available

Your prestained cedar shingles arrive at your job site in easy-to-handle cartons to protect your investment.

PreFinished Semi-Transparent – Western Red Cedar Shingles

Most Western Red Cedar Shingles are still stained by hand on-site. This is a shame when on-site staining results in premature coating failure. Lumber yards typically supply shingles that are not dried and stored properly for staining. Staining these dirty, wet shingles on-site costs more, and results in an inferior finish every time.

Why is our PreFinished Semi-Transparent Finish the Best?

  • Western Red Cedar kiln dried shingles absorb more stain.
  • Our proprietary dipping process assures each shingle is coated on all sides for maximum finish performance.
  • Our factory ground color bases have better color retention than inexpensive tinted colors.
  • Backed by our 5 Year Limited Finish Warranty for added piece of mind.
  • Our factory finishing saves you 50% verses on site painting, and the finish looks and performs better!

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