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Our Philosophy

Our company will not to produce a product unless we can produce the best product in the world.

Eastern white cedar shingles are classified by grades A, B, C and D. Eastern white cedar “A” grades have no imperfections, were as the “B” grade has imperfections above the bottom 6” but are not on the exposed face. Once “B” grade eastern white cedar shingles are installed, it is hard to tell the difference between “A” and “B” grades.

When it comes to western red cedar shingles, they are classified by “class 1” or “class 2.” Class 1 western red cedar shingles have no imperfections, were class 2 does have some imperfections.

Here at Cedar Shingles Direct, we only carry eastern white cedar shingles in “A” and “B” grades – we do not order or carry “C” and “D” grades. As for western red cedar shingles, we only carry “class 1.”

We recently invested over $3,000,000 in a new facility to ensure ours is the best product you can buy.

  • Cedar Shingles Direct sells directly to you. We’ve removed the middleman to save you time and money.
  • Cedar Shingles Direct factory finishing saves you 50% verses on site painting, and our finish looks and performs better!
  • Cedar Shingles Direct factory ground color bases have better color retention than inexpensive tinted colors.
  • Cedar Shingles Direct kiln dries every Cedar Shingle so they absorb more stain.

Make a Lasting Impression with Performance Pre-Finishing.
Buy Direct & Save 50% on finishing costs.