Cedar Siding, Cedar Shingles, and Cedar Shakes Siding

Our PreStained Cedar Shingles provide long-lasting beauty at half the cost of on-site staining. Available in a wide array of colors, our Red Cedar Shingles, White Cedar Shingles, and Cedar Valley Shingle Panels, give your home a customized look with traditional charm.

Installation is fast and easy – just nail it up. And for an installation up to four times faster than individual cedar shingles, choose Cedar Valley Shingle Panels, a kiln-dried western red cedar shingle system with a moisture-resistant fiberglass barrier. Our PreStained Cedar Shingles and Cedar Siding can ship directly to your job site anywhere in North America.

Benefits of our PreStained Cedar Shingles and Cedar Siding

Factory staining costs half the amount of on-site staining.
Coating the front, back, and edges provide maximum protection against weather damage.
No weather delays, no waiting for painters to show up, and no lost production time.
Every piece of wood is dried, precision-milled, and stained to provide long-lasting beauty.
PreStaining provides the most uniform coverage and eliminates the problems of shrink lines, lap marks, streaking and overspray.
Coating adhesion is improved as compared to wood that is allowed to weather while waiting to be coated.
Our exclusive pre-finishing process assures a longer-lasting, higher quality, finish than "on-site" painting.
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