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Shingle colors

to fit to inspire to compliment you.

Explore endless possibilities for your home project with our semi-transparent stains, natural color shingles, and a wide array of solid color shingle options.

We can match any color.

All color matching should be done using physical samples, as colors from images will look different on a screen than in reality.

Solid Colors

Semi-Transparent Colors


What’s the Difference?

Solid Color

Opaque paint fully covers the shingle offering various colors, consistent appearance, and strong defense against elements like UV rays and moisture. Paint transforms cedar’s look while safeguarding it.


Enhance wood’s beauty, allowing grain to show while providing moderate protection against UV rays and moisture.


Cedar’s inherent colors and patterns, showcasing its unique warmth and grain. The color of natural or unfinished shingles will naturally change over time as they are exposed to the elements.

Profile Shapes

Warm Tones

Warm tones like terracotta, mustard, and burnt orange bring a sense of comfort and are often used in textiles like rugs, cushions, and throws.

Earthy Neutrals

These colors are inspired by natural elements and can create a calm and cozy atmosphere. They work well with a variety of design styles, from modern to rustic.

Deep Blues

Deep blues evoke feelings of sophistication and can act as a neutral when decorating. They are often used in living rooms and bedrooms to create a sense of calm.

Green Hues

Greens have been increasingly popular, particularly in shades that evoke nature. They are versatile and can be used in various spaces, from accents to dormers.

Monochrome and Greyscale

A monochrome or greyscale palette offers a sleek and modern look. Charcoal grey can serve as an anchor color, allowing for accents in brighter shades.