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Cedar Valley Panels

Cedar Valley shingles are crafted from premium Western Red Cedar, reinforced with a fiberglass matte layer, and securely bonded to an 11/32 inch CDX plywood backer for added strength and durability.

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Effortless Installation, Uncompromised Quality

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Why Choose Cedar Valley Shingle Panel System?

  • 9”x8’, 1 course, even butt, open keyway.
  • Rapid Set-Up: Faster and easier than installing individual cedar shingles.
  • Special order sizes available.
  • Premium Material: Only the finest 100% on-grade Western Red Cedar is used, ensuring unmatched beauty and durability.
  • Reinforced Strength: Featuring an interwoven layer of fiberglass matte, fused with a robust 11/32 inch CDX plywood backer. It’s not just a shingle panel system, it’s a fortress.
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The Cedar Shingles Direct Difference

  • EDGE SEAL TECHNOLOGY: Benefit from enhanced protection against nature’s most daunting challenges.
  • 100% Back Prime Coverage: We don’t settle for the industry’s average. Experience complete back prime coverage, ensuring long-lasting appeal.
  • Zero Drip Promise: We guarantee no drip issues – a common problem with lesser brands.
  • Stunning Finish: Confidently flaunt the best looking finish in the business, making your space stand out.
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Cedar Valley Panels Code Ratings

Cedar Valley Handcrafted Shingle Panels are tested for fire, wind, and water performance including:

  • ICC-ES ESR-1862 (2014 Standards) Florida Building Code FL7993
  • Texas Dept. of Insurance EC-53

Fire Testing

“California Stack” 1-Course Panels
SFM 12-7a-1
Fire Test Passed SFM listed BML
WUI #8140-2023:0002

Wind Uplift Testing

ASTM E330 Wind Uplift Test Criteria
1. 1-Course 5.3”— 185 mph
2. 1-Course 5.3“ Coastal — 191 mph
3. 1-Course 7-1/8” — 171 mph
4. 1-Course 7-1/8” Vented — 192 mph
5. 1-Course 14” — 184 mph

Other Testing

Average Thermal Resistance
ASTM C 518-91 - 0.96 – R
Water Penetration Test — Passed
Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference
Testing ASTM E331 — Passed

Product Comparison

Panel uses real shingles YES - Individual shingles with a unique random resawn texture. NO - smooth red cedar that is tapered with routed edges to imitate shingles, has a manufactured look.
Three layers of protection YES - A thicker and overall larger stable plywood backer, inorganic fiberglass matte, and shingles. NO - Thinner smaller plywood backer fully bonded to cedar resulting in panel expansion & contraction.
Weathertight system YES - Seamless weather tight end joints backed by water penetration testing. No water penetrates our panel joints. NO - 1/16'' spacing required at each panel joint with no sealant to allow for panel expansion and contraction.
Panel allows for cedar to expand & contract Yes- Shingles are attached to thicker and larger stable plywood backer with two sets of concealed staples and two adhesive beads directly to wood backer Four points of contact between the shingle and plywood allow natural shingle movement while the panel remains stable. NO - Panel expands and contracts requiring 1/16'' gap between every panel with no sealant and 1/8'' gap at each butt joint. Potential for buckling if not applied to specs. Potential for moisture intrusion at each panel joint from wind driven rains, etc.
United States owned and operated YES - And we use US manufacturers for our panel components too! ??
Design flexibility - YES - Custom exposures, radius flare corners, radius walls, column wraps, combed texture, and much more for any panel we offer. No other system offers this range of options. No-Contractor must field fabricate specialty details.
Same original design YES - 35 plus years. NO - currently on 4th generation of design changes.
Furring strip required None. You can use standard window & door trim thicknesses and butt directly to trim. YES - recommended for top & bottom of each wall, and add an 1/8'' gap for panel movement .
Traditional Boston Weave corners YES - True to the traditional hand applied corner detail used for centuries. Yes & no. They offer a mitered corner & offer a boston weave. Not sure what you will get.
Stainability - absorption of stains Cedar Valley has a resawn texture that will allow up to 2.5 gallons per square with a two coat factory applications of stains. Shakertown cuts their cedar the opposite direction of Cedar Valley which gives it a smoother finish and does not absorb stain nearly as well as Cedar Valley.
Ease of installation Only requires 1/2'' nailable substrate and the end joints may land on 3/8'' substrate. You may nail directly to 1/2" SIP shear walls. Requires a 3/4'' nailable substrate forcing you to nail to studs. If panel ends land off stud you must fasten the ends with 3 nails per end piece for a total of 6 nails for one panel joint
Ease to replace individual shingle YES - Use of real shingles enable individual shingle repairs. Very simple repair. NO - You must remove the siding panel as a whole complicating repairs greatly.