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“Does Cedar Shingles Direct sell cedar shakes or cedar shingles?”

Why should I choose cedar shake over other types of siding?

How long do cedar shake shingles last?

Cedar shingles, finished and installed correctly, will last for at least several decades as a siding. With proper construction and occasional maintenance, cedar shingles can last well over 100 years on a structure with adequate overhangs, flashing, and finishes. It is not uncommon to see homes in older parts of American cities that have cedar shingle siding lasting over 140 years.

How long will yours last? Let us help you make them last as long as possible!

How do I maintain cedar shake shingles?

Are cedar shakes environmentally friendly?

Do cedar shake shingles provide good insulation?

While the cell structure and relatively low density of cedar fibers (27 lbs/ft3) is a much better insulator than plastic, cement, aluminum, or steel, you will still need to insulate the walls according to your local codes.

Do cedar shakes attract insects or pests?

Real cedar shingles do not “attract” insects or other pests. Cedar shingles are naturally saturated with decay-resistant and insect-resistant tannins that actively discourage bug infestation.

However, insects behind the shingles or in other parts of a structure may serve as bait for woodpeckers.  If woodpeckers find your structure appealing, it’s time to call an insect mitigation expert to eliminate the food source behind the siding. There are also some carpenter bees that can find their way through cedar (and other exterior woods) on their way to the spaces behind. Again, a pest control specialist should be consulted in those rare cases.

Most houses that are sided with cedar shingles don’t experience an increased rate of insects or other pests.

Can cedar shakes be installed over existing siding or shingles?

Possibly, but the integrity of the surface behind the new shingles is of utmost importance for solid fastening and a flat plane for best aesthetics. Furthermore, local building codes may require weather resistive barriers, flashing, insulation, etc.  In most cases it is recommended to remove old siding and use this opportunity to address your home’s cladding as a complete system to deter the elements. Please consult with a licensed builder or siding contractor who has experience to make that call.

Is there a minimum order?

We have a 500 sq ft minimum for factory finishing shingles, though we will waive that minimum (with a fee) for follow-up orders to finish a project. Freight will also factor in on smaller fill-in orders.

What is the lifetime expectancy of my stain/paint?

What does the term “R-R” mean?

Does Cedar Shingles Direct deliver shingles?

How do I pay for my order?

What's the lead time for orders from

Can provide samples for client presentations?

Does offer installation guidance or technical support?

Does offer warranties for their cedar shake shingles?