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Please Note:

  • The slip sheet must not be removed at any time prior to installation.
  • Do not apply touch-up to the face of this product – only apply to the cut ends to protect the product from moisture penetration.
  • Cut out defects before installation
  • Do not apply caulk between butt joints – use house wrap according to local building codes and for additional moisture protection – place felt stripsunder fiber cement siding on butt joints.
  • LP Smartside requires an aluminum flashing behind joints.

Factory Finish Installation Instructions

Printable Guide

These instructions supersede all manufacturers’ application instructions and should be strictly adhered to – Michigan PreStain is not responsible for claims if these instructions are not followed.

Storage and Handling of Factory Finished Products

  • Store off ground and under dry cover
  • Cover the material with a tarp to keep it clean and dry
  • The material must be stored flat and well supported
  • Install material as soon as possible
  • Handle with care to avoid damage

Installation: Cedar – Fiber Cement – Engineered Products

  • Do not remove protective slip sheeting prior to installation
  • Verify the color and materials are correct, installation denotes acceptance
  • Cut out any unacceptable defects prior to installation
  • Install materials according to manufacturers application instructions except when those instructions contradict this factory finish specific installation instructions
  • Caulking regular sidewall seams is not recommended. Use extreme care if you elect to caulk sidewall seams, as the caulk is never an exact match.
  • For moisture control apply proper flashing behind sidewall seams (felt paper is commonly used with fiber cement products – Aluminum Flashing or Caulk is required for SmartSide products)
  • Apply caulking to seams for corners, windows, doors, etc…per substrate manufacturer installation instructions
  • Coat cut ends using touch-up kit – Apply coating to edge only – any coating allowed on the face of the product may result in spotting – we are not responsible for spotting or improper end cut touch-up. Failure to coat end cuts can void warranties.
  • When applying finish to nail heads, DO NOT use the large applicator provided with our touch-up kits, ALWAYS USE the smaller touch-up pen for nail head touch-up. We are not responsible for spotting from nail head touch-ups.