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Cedar Shingles Frequently Asked Questions

Shingle or Shake, what is the difference?
The terms are used universally, but “shake” is typically used in regards to a style for a roof, where as “shingles” refers to product used for siding.

What are the dimensions of shingles?
Eastern White Cedar Shingles are 16” tall with 3”-8” widths. Western Red Cedar Shingles are 18” tall with widths of 3”-14”.

How many shingles are in a box?
Our boxes of shingles cover approximately 25 square feet with standard exposure.

Is there a minimum order?
We have a 500 square foot minimum – roughly 20 boxes.

What is the lifetime expectancy of my stain/paint?
Semi-Transparent stain typically lasts 3-5 years and solid color 7-8 years.

What does the term “R-R” mean?
Resquared and rebutted

What is the difference between Eastern White Shingles and Western Red Shingles?
Eastern White Cedar Shingles have less tannic acid in the wood so solid colors are applied to them. Western Red Cedar shingles have tannic acid so solid colors are not used due to the tannin bleed through on a red cedar. Western Red Cedar Shingles are coated with semi-transparent stain colors.

Does Cedar Shingles Direct deliver shingles?
We ship our cedar shingles to builders, homeowners and architects throughout the United States and Canada.

How do I pay for my order?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Am I charged sales tax?
We only collect sales tax in Michigan and Indiana

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