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Since you are considering an investment in a very high-end exterior for your home, we want to help you maximize your investment by offering a great finish at a surprisingly great price.

Clean, Dry Wood

Let’s start out with the “great finish” part. Factory finishing on clean, dry wood is the most important decision you can make if you’re considering painted or stained siding.

If you allow wood to weather a little before finishing, the surface can start to gray and breakdown. While paint or stain might stick to this weathered surface, the compromised surface cells lack the integrity to hold onto the wood underneath, resulting in peeling or eroding well before the stain or paint should fail. 

Finishing fresh, dry wood helps us to guarantee adhesion and much better performance from our finishes.

Controlled Setting

We have invested in facilities, machinery and trained personnel to finish your shingles out of the weather.  Hot sun, cold, rain and even wind can affect how effective and efficient a painter can be on a jobsite. We store and finish full boxes or bundles of fresh, kiln-dried shingles in our facility with a rate and consistency only possible in a controlled setting. This control helps us get you your product on time with the best possible quality and consistency.   

Saturate all Surfaces

Finishing raw shingles after they are installed means that only the exposed areas of the shingle would get stain or paint. This would allow the shingles to take on and give up moisture much more quickly, leading to more expansion, contraction, and movement than a shingle that has been finished on all surfaces. 

Without giving away all of our finishing secrets, consider that we saturate every part of the shingle in our process (face, back, edges, butt) to provide protection in areas where field finishing just can’t go. More coverage equals longer shingle and coating life!

Warranted Coatings from PPG

We are a major partner with PPG, and we buy our finishes by the truckload. We mix our proprietary formulations and apply them with the full backing of one of the most respected and experienced players in the stain and paint business. 

Considerable Savings vs Site Finishing

The mixing equipment, finishing machinery, racking, drying system, and trained personnel that we utilize to provide faster service and a more enduring finish have another great benefit: efficiency. Less time and labor to finish this product means that we pass along the labor savings to you. Compare the cost of factory finishing vs site finishing, and factory finishing often comes in with considerable savings vs having your house painted or stained after installation.