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Cedar: a name that often evokes memories of fragrant closets and chests. Yet, beyond these confined spaces, cedar has staked its claim as a prime siding material, offering homeowners a host of benefits. As one delves deeper into the world of cedar, particularly cedar valley shingles, it’s evident that the appeal extends far beyond its aromatic allure. Let’s unravel the comprehensive benefits of cedar shingles siding.

Durability and Functionality of Cedar

Cedar stands out as one of the most resilient softwoods in the construction industry, with qualities that are hard to match:

  1. Durability: All of our cedar species available at Cedar Shingles Direct are saturated with naturally occurring thujic acids, which make the wood exceptionally decay and insect-resistant. With no additional chemical treatment or finish, properly installed cedar shingles can last for generations before they require any repair or replacement. And cedar is exceptionally stable compared with other woods, which helps to hold coatings longer and withstand the elements better than lesser woods that warp and crack.
  2. Excellent Insulation: Cedar’s low-density, characterized by its open cell structure, sets it apart from many other siding materials. This translates to a lightweight wood that’s not only easy to handle during construction but also provides an R Value of approximately 1.4 per inch.
  3. Noise Abatement: Along with thermal insulation, cedar’s structure acts as a natural acoustic barrier. Whether it’s the noise from a bustling city or a nearby highway, cedar shingle siding helps to dampen the sounds around your home.
  4. Sustainability: Cedar is a naturally grown resource which replenishes itself after harvest. Further, most lumber harvests in North America are followed by intentional planting of mixed species to propagate the regional flora even quicker. No other building material boasts the environmental benefits of real wood from North American forests – the most responsibly managed forest resource in the world.

The Aesthetic Charm of Cedar Siding

While cedar’s durability is commendable, the true magnetism lies in its aesthetics:

  1. Versatility in Design: From creative color schemes to innovative installation patterns, cedar shingles allow a homeowner or designer to create a look that is one-of-a-kind. Alternating exposures, staggered rows, or even mixing shapes of decorator shingles can give your home a signature look. Cedar shingles allow for designs that are rustic, formal, cottage-y, classic, Victorian, crisp, casual, or coastal.  
  2. Natural Beauty: Cedar, in its raw and unfinished state, presents a textured appearance with a distinct grain pattern and a subtle, inviting aroma. Staining enhances the coloration, grain and texture, while offering some protection from the elements. Solid finishes on cedar shingles offer great protection from the elements, while still showing the natural texture of the wood.

No man-made imitation really captures the essence of the real thing, which is why designers and architects everywhere specify the most original, authentic, and beautiful cladding available.

Maintenance of Cedar Shingle Siding

Cedar is renowned for its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, which makes it resilient against warping, rotting, and cracking:

  1. Natural Weathering: Over time, untreated cedar will undergo a transformation, adopting a rugged, aged patina which many homeowners find appealing. This can be a very low maintenance choice with a very natural look.
  2. Staining and Painting: With our semi-transparent finishes, re-staining might be necessary every few years, while our solid color finishes can perform for much longer without recoating
  3. Regular Cleaning: Independent of the finish, cedar shingles – like any other siding – benefit from occasional cleaning. Typical wood cleaners or siding cleaners with mild detergents can be used with or without a pressure washer. 



Cedar shingles siding is more than just another exterior option; it’s a blend of functionality, longevity, and unmatched aesthetic appeal. With its insulating capabilities and a broad palette of design choices, cedar shingles emerge as a top choice for homeowners seeking both utility and style. Whether left to age naturally or maintained with periodic treatments, cedar promises to adorn homes with unparalleled elegance for years to come.