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When it comes to cedar shingles, one crucial factor often overlooked is the process of kiln drying. Shingles used for roofing do not require kiln drying, as they are rarely stained or painted. For siding applications where a paint or stain will be incorporated, a kiln-dried product is a must. Here, we will delve into what kiln drying means and how it helps our finishes look better and last longer.

  1. Understanding Kiln Drying: Cedar from logs is often at 30% or greater moisture content. Even after being sawn into shingles, the wood can still be very wet. The drying process takes place in an enclosed structure where controlled heat, humidity, and air movement are utilized to slowly bring the moisture content down to desired levels (under 18%). Dry shingles are then packaged, shipped and stored dry in preparation for our finishing process. 
  1. The benefits of Kiln Drying:  

Kiln drying helps minimize warping, splitting, and shrinking that can arise from using improperly dried wood. Dry shingles, when finished and installed properly, lay flatter and are more stable than “green” (wet) shingles. The more stable a finished wood is, the better its coatings perform.

Improved Stain Absorption: Another primary benefit of kiln-drying cedar shingles is its direct impact on stain absorption. 

Dry shingles allow the stain to penetrate evenly, resulting in a uniform appearance. This is especially crucial for projects where a consistent appearance is desired.  

Just as importantly, kiln-dried shingles’ enhanced stain absorption leads to better adhesion, providing superior protection against moisture, sun, and whatever else mother nature can throw at your house. This increased durability extends the lifespan of your cedar shingles and the finish you selected, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacement.

3.The Cedar Shingles Direct Advantage: At Cedar Shingles Direct, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality kiln-dried cedar shingles. We finish only dry shingles so that we can guarantee our shingles and our finishes to withstand various weather conditions and continue to protect your home beautifully for many years. Kiln drying is a key element in proper finish application and better performance.